About Caroline

Growing up in the traditions of German Naturopathic medicine, Mind-Body interactions were an integrative part of Caroline’ s health belief system from the very beginning. During her own Medical studies she had the chance to become introduced to transcendental meditation. Connencting to inner silence through a daily meditation practice was a lifechanging and a very healing experience. The wish of sharing it with others was born at the same time.

Caroline C. Werner

She enriched her experiences through yoga, exploring christian based and eastern meditation techniques and silent retreats.

In 2009 she participated at the Mind-Body course at the Herbert Benson Institute, Harvard, which was another revealing experience. Finally her inner convictions about the benefits of meditation and the importance in medicine were confirmed by evidence based studies, and the extremely good results of a very human medicine.

Caroline absolved her training as a mindfulness instructor at the worldknown Center for mindfulness, Boston with Jon Kabat and his team. Through ongoing supervision, regular retreats  and especially through implementing mindfulness in her daily private life and medical practice, she continues to explore the present moment day by day.

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