What is mindfulness?

Do you remember driving home after work and suddenly arriving with no memory of what has happened on the way?

This is a typical situation of being „mindless“. However, being „mindless“ often goes even beyond that. Especially when we feel stressed, we tend to switch into a „survival mode“.  We tend to fall into automatic patterns: we are no longer aware of what is happening around us, nor how we feel or what we need. We disconnect from ourselves and the real life around us.

Mindfulness means being conscious in the present moment without judgement. It is a way of being deeply attuned to ourselves and the environment that is surrounding us, at every moment. It is a way of taking care of ourselves and taking care of our life. A well-balanced and healthy life requires awareness of our body, emotions, thoughts and enviroment. Only then, we are living life fully.


Mindfulness is a natural state of mind. In our modern lifestyle, it is easy to forget what it means to be mindful and to live life fully. Sometimes we need to re-learn how to reconnect with this inner ressource.

The clinical effectiveness of mindfulness has been established in scientific studies.

Mindfulness has a major influence on our ability to respond to challenging situations and has an important impact on our mental and physical health.


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